Monday, October 24, 2011

The Dune Hunter: Encountering Qyzen Fess

After his second resurrection, Orono Zoiji was sent to observe a Sith base under construction on Tatooine. Officially described to the public as a research and medical facility, it was in fact a genetics and slave labor camp. During the night, Orono and his companion Nadia led a surprise attack. The duo's lethal control of the Force decimated anything sent against them. However they found that most of the prisoners had been killed by the experiments. Then the two encountered an armored Trandoshan warrior by the name of Qyzen Fess. He was wary of them at first, because he did not see too many outsiders. However when Orono and Nadia arrived at his base and explained everything, Qyzen saw them as trusted allies.


Qyzen Fess

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Once again in the Netherworld of the Force, Orono Zoiji began rebuilding his power in order to return to the physical world. He had thought his robes and lightsaber destroyed in the black hole, but instead Nadia had saved them in time. He also made a discovery: his time around Force artifacts had been so long that he now embodied the light and possessed even greater power than his original self. Then, one day aboard the Crimson Warden Nadia saw the robes and lightsaber of her lover begin to vibrate and be enveloped in a grey mist. When it cleared Orono stood before her fully restored.

The Choice

Twenty years after the Battle of Ord Mantell, Orono Zoiji faced one of his first fears: not being able to return from death. The Sith had been creating technology to drain Force energy from parts of the galaxy, weakening the power that preserved his body making it rapidly wither and decay. As a safeguard he began storing amounts of what power remain into his lightsaber and robes. It did not take long for those closest to him to discover his deteriorating condition. The one most affected was his padawan,now lover Nadia Grell. Her care for him was so great that she would forsake the Jedi Code to keep Orono alive. It was also at this time Orono was tasked to destroy the very technology that was killing him. Once inside the research facility on an uncharted world, his location to the technology threatened to cause a black hole upon death. Using what little power remained, he flung Nadia and the ship out of the area, telling her to keep a weather eye through the Force. This was said only to comfort her for Orono didn't think even he would survive. Then to Nadia's horror the black hole opened and engulfed the entire planet with it...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gaining the Trust of Kaliyo Djannis

Despite the turn of events at Ord Mantell, Vorgen Cyphon now a high-ranking member of Imperial Intelligence continued to build his private army known as the Hydra Legion. To help him lead this army he chose the anarchist criminal Kaliyo Djannis. With the vast resources and wealth available to him, Vorgen ensured she received the best training and upgrades, even starting a failsafe cloning process in the event of her suffering a critical injury. Kaliyo was not an individual whose trust was easily gained, and Vorgen Cyphon was one of the few to have tried and succeeded in doing so. In the several missions they had conducted, he had been given many opportunities to leave Kaliyo behind and escape, but he always made sure she was able to leave with him and let a body double be captured instead. He gave her the best weapons and armor, and even personal sparring to make her even more deadly than she was before. In return she gave Vorgen access to all of her criminal underworld contacts, giving the Sith technology that was years ahead of what the Republic possessed. Vorgen also granted her a rare favor: if ever she needed something illegal done or a secret kept, he would do so without question, even if held at gunpoint. Just as this was declared, one of Cyphon's superiors entered the captain's cabin of the Black Rose and attempted to kill Kaliyo, saying she had outlived her usefulness. Without hesitation, Vorgen drew his knife, charged at the commander and after both slitting his throat and breaking his neck sent him out the airlock. When asked later by Kaliyo why he had saved her, he replied he planned to make her the most feared revolutionary in the galaxy for years to come...