Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Symphony of Chaos

Though usually a reserved man around others, Vorgen Cyphon felt more open with Kaliyo. Even his training to avoid all attachment could not suppress the feelings he felt for her. This had been affirmed after she had rescued him from the Iron Colossus. Knowing her anarchist background, Vorgen devised the perfect way to show his affection to her. Using his vast array of contacts he built the "Symphony of Chaos". He called Kaliyo into his cabin when all was ready and explained everything. Vorgen told her that he could decimate every foe in the galaxy and topple every government, but it wouldn't be the same without her. Secrets would be revealed and major revolutions would start and Vorgen wanted Kaliyo to be at the center of it. She said she would stay as long as he didn't rat her out. Vorgen never dreamed of it...


After ten days, Vorgen awoke in the Iron Colossus, a top-secret Republic prison built within the city of Nar Shaddaa. Subjected to many forms of torture, his captors tried unsuccessfully to reveal his secrets. The only thing keeping him alive was a rattletrap power generator connected to wires. Escape would not have been possible without a prison-wide revolt. Surrounded by two billion inmates, many of them captured defectors, Vorgen told them how powerful they would be and the vengeance they could wreak if they joined the Sith Empire. The first step was to cut off the power supply, which allowed several high powered defense turrets to function. It was also during this time Vorgen secured a miniaturized prototype ship reactor and cybernetic heart. This increased his reflexes, strength and endurance one thousandfold. Unfortunately for the Republic, this prison was also where they stored state-of-the-art weapons and armor. After two weeks of preparation, the revolt began. The forces of the inmates and prison security were evenly matched and tore up the prison in the battle that ensued. With guard and prisoner dying around him, Vorgen ran through the carnage to make an escape. The spread of the battle did not work in his favor as all the shuttles and the launchpad he was on were destroyed. Vorgen prepared for his final fate until an alabaster white hand grabbed hold of him: Kaliyo Djannis. She had come in the Black Rose to save him. Working with her contacts on the world, she had planted a Nergon 14 bomb in the heart of the city. Once Vorgen was onboard, Kaliyo presented the Republic with an ultimatum: either they let her and the prisoners go free or the bomb would detonate. Seeing no way to avoid further destruction the Republic agreed. However, even after the prisoners had left, the bomb was still detonated. Confident with her success, Kaliyo told Vorgen he owed her a huge favor. This would all be repaid in due time...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ghosts of the Past

After the construction of the Oblivion Reaper, Vorgen Cyphon had noticed some odd behavior from his partner Kaliyo Djannis. While she had been cool and confident on previous operations, she received news that shook her to the core. When asked, she told him that the Omega Strikers, an infamous group of warlords she had double-crossed had finally tracked her down. The Strikers were based out of an artificial moon called Hell's Ember and possessed entire armies at their command. Taking a large army with him, Vorgen set out to eliminate this threat. Using their own forces as a distraction, Vorgen and Kaliyo entered the mercenary base. With the rest of the soldiers fighting the Sith, the two were able to square off against the warlords. With a series of blaster shots and punches, Kaliyo was able to defeat all but the last of the warlords. As she was about to be finished off, a blaster bolt cleaved through the back of the warlord's head. Then the moon began to collapse. As the two headed toward the Black Rose, a metal beam fell forward and bored a hole through Vorgen's cybernetic heart. Now hobbling to the ship he vaulted the Black Rose into hyperspace. There was no proper time to heal however, as a Republic Retrieval Squad was nearby. Eager to capture the Empire's most valuable agent, they boarded en masse. Using all his skill, Vorgen held off eighty-two trooper squads to buy Kaliyo time to escape. Launching her escape pod was his last action before going unconscious.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Construction of the Oblivion Reaper

Growing uneasy at the influence Orono was gaining, Vorgen Cyphon decided to turn the Force against him. With the help of Nikolai Myrgon, a disfigured Imperial scientist and creator of the technology that threatened Orono's life he created the Oblivion Reaper. The largest battleship ever constructed by the Sith Empire, it boasted nine hundred and ninety nine weapons of all kinds, was large enough to carry an entire squadron of fighters and had enough room to carry an entire army. The power source was what gave the ship a lethal edge. Instead of traditional reactors, it was powered by a sphere of Force energy, stolen from thousands of Jedi artifacts. This supercharged the ship in ways beyond imagination.