Thursday, December 29, 2011


After many years of serving in the Cold War together, Orono decided to show Nadia all of his memories. Putting them both in a comatose state aboard the Cadfael, he guided his lover through his millennium long life. Nadia was awestruck, as Orono's memories showed events that had not even been recorded yet. There was also a glimpse of the future, showing the two of them living throughout eternity together. Orono told her that he had had and buried many lovers but there was no one who he cared about more than her. Since she had helped him recover from mourning Vyzeria, Orono felt a need to protect her.

With her consent the Everlasting Lovers could now spend immortal lives together.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Creating Gods and Goddesses

While deep in study in Kobru Omega, an ancient library world Orono saw a worrisome vision of the future. While the Jedi he had trained would do great things, he saw the people losing faith and rising up against the Jedi and the Republic. Orono knew his purpose: restoring faith to the people. Searching through several ancient texts, he found a way to create immortal beings through the Force. Out of the misery and hatred he felt from those around him, Orono created Vilyera, a raven haired goddess of death and vengeance clad in bone armor who could take the form of a large black bird and could raise armies of the dead. The next was Jygorn and the Brethren. Together they would serve as "myths for the people to call upon in times of need. However due to the abundance of war casualties, Vilyera would become the most powerful...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Rediscovering Legends

Orono had made many great discoveries in the four thousand years he had been alive, but none was greater than his journey to Hoth and discovering the Orion Brigade. During one of the calmer times of the Cold War, he had set out with his apprentice Nadia Grell to investigate rumors of Jedi artifacts in the area. However the world was not quite as deserted as they thought. They were under attack by ice hounds when a lone one-eyed man in rattletrap snow gear saved them. Introducing himself as Sergeant John "Grizzly" Kynlon, he took them to the wreck of an old troop transport. Inside were Corporal Seamus McKoron, Lieutenant Abraham Lee and Captain Nathan Verliss. Introducing themselves as they fabled "Orion Brigade" they told Orono their story. Once the pride of the Republic military, they had undergone ninety missions without fail. Everything changed when they came to Hoth. At the time, they planet was used as a mercenary safe house and was heavily guarded. After obtaining a list of all the enemy's targets, and just barely dodging all manner of laser fire, they called for an evac shuttle. The general leading them and Senator Konrad Byko came to greet them. However, instead of being helped onto the shuttle, the general and Senator gunned the soldiers down and left them for dead, resulting in their current injuries. With no other way of the planet, the Brigade was forced to search until the found the wreck they now lived in. Eager to help these disgraced heroes, Orono searched the tundra until he found an old holocamera. It contained the exact footage of Orion Brigade being betrayed. Upon hearing this, the Brigade joined Orono aboard the Cadfael and raced for Coruscant. Since their abandonment, the stories of the Orion Brigade had become legendary in the Republic. This was a great help when they went to confront Byko and the general in the heart of the city. When guards aimed at them they were in awe at the return of the heroes they had heard about all their lives. The guards even joined there cause and soon thousands of soldiers and civilians marched to Byko's home...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Spirit of Twilight

On Tython things had become so grim that Orono decided it was time to share his memory of the future. Gathering all the Jedi together he projected the events of his original life. There were looks of shock and horror as the crowd observed the Jedi being gunned down throughout the galaxy. Orono then proclaimed that in order for the Jedi to survive, they needed to forsake their Code and begin anew, as their ideals made them predictable and easy for the Sith to counter. Both sides of the Force had to be embraced to defeat the Sith.