Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Zoiji Code

Peace is fleeting, there is always chaos.
Through chaos comes suffering, to summon the strong.
Through suffering comes unity, to strengthen the whole.
Through unity comes division, born of fragile minds.
Through division comes ascension, the race for power.
 Through ascension is godhood, the right to rule all.
So shall the Cycle continue.

-Orono Zoiji of House Zoiji

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Xyrio Zoiji: Master of the Arcane

With the Hutt Cartel occupied with the hunt for Celgo Zoiji, Xhulon and Ashara decided to start a family. Constructing a home near the mountains of Dras Edoc'sil, the "Grey Sanctum", they gave birth to a son: Xyrio (zeer-rio) Zoiji. However despite being born healthy and happy, the boy had a dangerous defect. Instead of being a Sith Pureblood like his father, Xyrio had no horns and skin like a pale moon...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Open Season: The Hunt For Celgo Zoiji

In retaliation for the many crimes committed against them by House Zoiji, the Hutt Cartel placed a one point-five billion credit bounty on Celgo Zoiji. Great hosts of bounty hunters came to collect the reward, but none returned. Eventually the opposition was whittled down to the four most legendary hunters; Kyl "Deadeye" Rovun, Maria "Iceheart" Grixol, Arkon "Techbeast" Nikov and unfortunately, Vyrkon "Metalskin" Zoiji, Celgo's own son. Given a bounty for another target, Vyrkon was dismayed that he was hunting his own father. Instead of attacking from a distance, Celgo approached them and presented an offer: if the three hunters helped cripple the Cartel, they would be given double their fee and join House Zoiji gaining immortality, wealth, great power and weaponry...