Saturday, December 29, 2012

Reign of the Gods

Shortly after the founding of the Zoiji Confederacy, ancient artifacts called the Infinity Forges were revealed to the public. Essentially Force-powered antimatter generators, they could provide an endless amount of food, credits and other objects. To provide a source of energy, seven billion souls apiece were concentrated into the machines. This allowed the people of the Confederacy to live in a pure communist society. However this utopia came at a cost to Orono. His regal appearance began to wither further. The eyes of his mask had changed. One was fiery red, as if still dripping blood, the other bright blue, weeping for the dead....

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A New Era

At last, Orono's original timeline came. With his army of untold legions, he lay in wait until the founding of the New Republic. On the galaxy's capital of Coruscant he came to reason with Luke before the Great Genesis. However, unlike some of the old Jedi Council the Skywalker family could not be swayed. At his signal, a host of battleships darkened the sky with the Salvation-class starships as the vanguard. Smaller gunships descended from them, and the numerous war droids and soldiers flew like locusts to the battle below. While his wife, children and HK-51 led the charge, Orono magnified his voice for all the galaxy to hear,

"Denizens of the Republic and the Empire, do not be afraid. You are innocent in this event. No harm will come to you as we root out the Jedi and Sith. My family and I offer you a utopia, a world free of want or fear. Our ancient machines can provide for you for centuries at a time. All we ask is your loyalty to House Zoiji. Remember, the future is kindest to the victors."

At that moment, Luke slashed at Orono, emerald lightsaber in hand. However Orono's inhuman reflexes proved too much even for him. When the fighting settled, Luke was brought a broken and bleeding mess before a cheering crowd. After being drained of his youth and power, he was locked away beneath the planet itself. The same followed for the Sith. With his plan finally executed, Orono and the Zoiji Confederacy rose to power...


Vanguard of the Zoiji fleet

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Muunilinst Convention

With the remnants of Imperial Intelligence on his side, Orono began to showcase his influence. Consolidating numerous companies with centuries of stock holdings, he created Avalon Enterprises. Manufacturing everything from weapons and armor to pharmaceuticals, it would soon cater to the galaxy's every need. Calling a lavish convention on the planet Muunilinst, he demonstrated all of his House's capabilities, with the quintillion-strong HK army as the main attraction. This gained a great deal of support from the people, as House Zoiji seemed stronger than the Republic itself....

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A New Ally

With the Dark Council dissolved, the Empire was in disarray. Random attacks were being led by Vorgen Cyphon's ship, the Black Rose, but it could never be caught. However, HK-51 was one of the few beings to ever track the Black Rose to the slums of Coruscant. Orono came in person to see what had become of his old enemy. Instead of the deadly Imperial agent he had fought time and again, a drunken and disheveled man awaited. However at the chance of power and immortality Vorgen eagerly joined Orono. As a reward, he was given his own holdings as the head of House Cyphon....

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Ilum Conflict

After an unexpected three months of peace, the Zoiji family was called to action on the icy world of Ilum. A gathering of Sith Lords led by Darth Arho was attempting to provoke the Republic into war once again. Once at the forward base Orono received a private transmission. As soon as he was alone, an image of Darth Malgus, the Sith he had made immortal so many years ago appeared.

"Malgus? I didn't expect to hear from you again."

Eyes like pools of lava, the domineering Sith Lord looked him over.

"So this is the Jedi that made me immortal. You have my thanks."

"I'm not a Jedi anymore, my friend. We no longer share the same goals."


An impish smile on his face, Orono said,

"Stop me if you've heard this before, but the Jedi are blind idiots."

After a short silence, Malgus let out a gravelly laugh.


"Orono", the wizened human stated.

"Orono. You would have made a valuable ally to our order."

Laughing in turn Orono said,

"No, I intend to begin anew. And I would like you on my side before the Great Genesis."

A curious look on his face, Malgus asked,

"Tell me, what is this 'Great Genesis' you speak of?"

Sitting in the iron-wrought chair, Orono replied,

"You see Malgus, I have realized throughout the millennia I have spent in this galaxy, that for their strengths, both the Jedi and Sith are flawed. I have tried to change both but they would not listen. I intend to destroy both and create a new empire from the ashes."

"And what is my role in all of this?"

"Don't look so concerned. I didn't make you immortal just to kill you again. You will be the champion of my armies, expanding my empire to greater glory."

"Conquest? Through all eternity?"

"Of course. Now you can indulge your passion as much as you wish. I only ask this favor."

"And what is that?"

"I know that Arho's death will fracture the Dark Council, but spare Lord Vowrawn if you can."

Kneeling before Orono, the hulking Sith Lord said,

"You have my word as a warrior."

Smiling, the ancient immortal said,


The next that followed was a week of intense battle. Orono and Nadia led the vanguard, with the remainder of House Zoiji helping the other platoons and divisions. Then, bombers flew across the sky burying Sith and Jedi alike in rubble. Eventually they encountered Darth Arho. An intense duel took place, and the cave rumbled as ice and lightening was exchanged. Arho initially attacked Orono, but after sensing his one weakness, began to attack Nadia. 

"You have taken much from me, Jedi so I WILL take your wife!" the dark-skinned Sith taunted.

Jumping in front of ice and stone, Orono roared back,

"Touch her, and you will beg for death!"

With three quick slashes of his lightsaber, Arho's legs and saber arm fell to the ground, bloody stumps. Then a blast of Force energy threw him back, crucifying him on a wall of ice. Helping his wife stand up, Orono asked,

"Are you all right, Nadia?"

Grinning the silver-haired beauty said,

"Of course. You don't have to guard me all the time."

"I know. I just couldn't forgive myself if you were hurt on my watch."

A look of warmth in her eyes, Nadia said,

"After all these years you're still the same man I fell in love with."

"Always and forever, my love."

After a tender kiss, they returned to the Cadfael where Malgus awaited them, Lord Vowrawn in tow...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Tale of Three Droids

The winds howled over the dunes of Tatooine as three droids approached a domineering iron palace. One was a silver grey Hunter-Killer unit with flaming yellow eyes and a rifle slung over his shoulder. The other two were a gold-plated protocol droid and a large stocky and heavily armored Republic attack droid.

"HK, are you sure this is the right place?"

"Exasperated answer: Yes, C2. For the fiftieth repetition, this is the Lady of Pain's headquarters."

"It's disgraceful that we must associate with crime lords like her. She is a known enemy of the Republic."

"Musing: The devil you know is better than the one you don't, isn't it M1?"

"I suppose you're correct, assassin. It's just that the sight of organics like her make my circuits boil."

"In any case, this dreadful business will be over soon."

The three came upon a massive front door. After three loud knocks by HK-51, a spindly Duro yelled in a thick cockney accent,

"Whadda you lot want?"

"Answer: HK-51 and company to see the Lady of Pain, organic."

After a moment of silence, the Duro said,

"Right. Go on in."

With a ponderous rumble, the door opened and the three entered the voluminous palace. After weaving their way through a veritable cornucopia of smugglers, thugs and bounty hunters they came into the main room. At its center was a slim Rattataki woman sitting on a heavily bejeweled silver dais. Laughing at the sight of the droids, she said,

"What's this? New toys for me to break?"

After tilting his head side to side, what passed for head-shaking with an HK unit HK-51 replied,

"Answer: No madam, we are not your entertainment. However we come with a generous offer for you."

A smile spreading across her face, she said,

"I'm all ears."

Then the golden droid, C2-N2 shuffled forward carrying a large briefcase. It slid open to reveal eight flawless Krayt dragon pearls. However instead of expressing amazement, the Lady of Pain scowled and flicked her hand at the baubles.

"Did you honestly think you could buy me with those? I have a vault full of them!", she said indignantly. "What were you asking for them anyway? Money? Weapons?", she asked.

This time it was the war droid, M1-4X's turn to answer.

"No, madam. House Zoiji wishes to work with you as a...permanent partner. Your influence and merchandise are coveted galaxy-wide."

After a moment's thought, the Lady of Pain said, 

"How about this? You beat my best men in a fight, and I take your offer."

"Deal", M1-4X said, his weapons already drawn.

Blaster rifle in hand, HK-51 said,

"Warning: While I happily agree, I should warn you they will soon suffer a painful deletion."

Laughing as if that were the funniest joke in the galaxy, she said,

"Don't worry, darling. I was about to kill them anyway."

At the snap of her fingers, alarms sounded and guards filled the room. 

Turning to C2-N1, HK whispered,

"Statement: I highly suggest you make yourself scarce, C2. The body count will be rising soon."

Shuffling his way to the cantina, C2 said,

"Now that I don't need to be told twice!"

After a long, tiring battle HK-51 searched the cantina. Strangely, there was no sign of C2. Once back in the main room, he asked,

"Query: M1-4X, have you found any sign of C2-N1?"

"I don't know for certain, assassin but I think I saw someone unceremoniously dump him in the torture room."

Sure enough, C2 was there, lying in a heap of his own parts. As they left the palace after closing the deal, HK-51 turned to the parts of the protocol droid mainly the head and torso in a bag, and said,

"Statement: Once we return to Dras Edoc'sil C2, I promise you this."

"And what is that, HK?"

"Answer: Mandatory combat and defense programming. Even with my skill I cannot protect you all the time."

And so began the greatest challenge of HK-51's career: teaching a protocol droid to shoot...