Monday, February 18, 2013

A Family Retreat (The Furies of House Zoiji)

Spending several months waging war and running an empire finally started to take its toll on Orono. After removing insurgents from Makeb, he arranged a five year vacation for the whole family. However  Vyrkon, Mako, Kozin, Kira, Novon and Elara politely refused as someone had to keep any future rebels at bay for the time being. At first light they left Dras Edoc'sil. Years earlier Orono had funded the construction of a state of the art luxury resort on Oceanus III: Diamond Shoals.

The shuttle floated to the ground amidst sunny skies and the calm splash of the ocean. The Zoiji family stepped onto the landing pad to admire the view.

"Couldn't have picked a better time, I think. Oceanus III is beautiful this time of year," said Orono.

"You said it, Dad," Celgo remarked, walking with his wife into the distance.

"Indeed. This makes Dromund Kaas and Coruscant put together look like a cheap motel," Korgo said in his steely Imperial accent.

Moments later, they entered the hotel lobby. When the employees saw the Royal Family, they ushered them to the elevator with breakneck speed through the droves of vacationers and tourists. Once inside Ashara was the first to ask,

"So, Orono, where are we in this craziness? A room? A suite?"

A warm smile on his face, he said, 

"Just wait. We're almost there."

With a light thud, the elevator doors slid open. Instead of the crowded single and double rooms they had seen earlier, the eight saw a voluminous underwater hotel with perfect views of the sea floor. After an awestruck silence, Celgo asked curiously,

"How the heck did you build this!? I mean, I was there when this place was being done, but this wasn't in any of the plans!"

A sly glint in his eye, his father answered,

"That's because I left it out. I figured you'd want privacy while you were on vacation."

The location in question was the Arcadia Zone. The room soon filled itself with the sound of fluttering wings and tiny feet. Within moments a platoon of droid butlers headed by a Jawa concierge in a tuxedo entered the room. In a jittery voice, he said,

"Ah, Mr. Orono. What bring you to Arcadia Zone?"

Kneeling at the Jawa Orono said,

"Hello, Jhin. It's been a long time. Everyone treating you well?"

"Oh, yes. No one mess with us. They fear you, great Throne Breaker."

Gesturing at Jhin, he said,

"Everyone, this is Jhin, of Clan Beshyr. I rescued him and his clan from White Maw pirates many years ago. He's been loyally working here ever since."

After talking with Jhin, the eight went to their private quarters. To the surprise of their wives everyone save Celgo meditated around holocrons. Voicing their disbelief, Vette said,

"Seriously? We're on vacation and this is what you want to do?"

"Oh not just this, Vette. There'll be time for more later. But don't let us hold you back. Please, enjoy yourselves. Celgo knows all the favorite haunts," Orono said reassuringly. 

The four headed out, unaware that five Clawdite assassins were tailing them. Out of the five hundred and seventy-two attractions, they went to the New Moon Bar and Casino. Featuring an all-Zeltron staff, it was frequented by almost everyone. The main attraction was Jayne Nova, a singer that many a drunken patron pined over. While Jayne performed, Celgo looked around and said, 

"What did I tell you? Isn't this place great?"

'Vibrant yes, but this place is soft. I need to fight," Akaavi said gruffly.

Don't worry, cyar'ika," (sweetheart) Celgo reassured. Pointing to the corner he said, "There's a fight pit over there." 

A tipsy patron started towards the ring but Celgo grabbed him by the shoulder, warning,

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, pal. Not unless you got a death wish."

As he hobbled away Ashara asked,

"Is she really that tough?"

A knowing look on his face he said,

"Trust me. I'm immortal and I still don't want to get on her bad side."

And he was right. Within two hours fifteen men lay senseless and bruised on the floor. Suddenly Nadia who had been enjoying the crowd, perked up.

"Wait, I sense something."

"Assassins. I sense them too."

In a flash, five "patrons" drew blasters and vibroblades, attacking them. Lightsaber blades flashed as each was cut down. Finally the Zoijis could enjoy their vacation in peace...

Vette Zoiji
Ashara Zoiji (nee Zavros) wife of Xhulon Zoiji
The Diamond Shoals Resort

Akaavi Zoiji (nee Spar) wife of Celgo Zoiji

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

External Dealings

With the last remnants of the Hutt Cartel extinguished, Orono opened diplomatic channels with two enigmatic races: the Gree and the Voss. Over many years he became a legend to both causes. Such was his influence that he convinced the Voss to overthrow the Three, their lead oracles and create a new government. With his guiding hand, Gree technology and Voss healing techniques became widespread throughout the Confederacy...

Friday, February 1, 2013

Operation Gungnir

After five years of continuos warfare, Orono decided to finish the Cartel once and for all. Sending out several evacuation ships, the people of Makeb were helped to safety, and no one was left behind. Then his new flagship the Grey Phoenix II was revealed. An onyx-black warship armed with thousands of weapons  and the largest version of the Heart of the Void ever conceived. Vengeful fire in his eyes, Orono ordered it to attack. Amidst the hails of artillery and laser blasts, some of the Hutt lords tried to beg for mercy. However Orono coldly denied them saying they were, "no longer deserving of his generosity". The bombardment ended only after the Heart of the Void fired, turning whatever remained to ash. To assuage the outrage of some Makebians over their home being ravaged, Orono told them on Dras Edoc'sil,

"Friends, veterans, countrymen, do not fear for your world. I promise here and now that I will devote all of my personal resources to you. Makeb will not only be whole again, in fact even better and more secure than ever before."

And in two year's time, that promise was fulfilled...
One of the many Athelas- class transports evacuating the people of Makeb.

The Grey Phoenix II, Orono's new flagship.