Friday, March 29, 2013

Ancient Nightmare

Upon returning from their five-year vacation, Orono received a report from the Confederate Archaeological Division. A new tomb had been found on Korriban, brimming with artifacts. Upon arrival Orono saw an eerily familiar crypt. After picking up the jaw casing of Darth Malak, a set of eyes hidden against the wall opened up. Turning quickly to face it, Orono saw a maggot-eaten corpse in faded robes with blood red eyes and a bone handle lightsaber. Only one person owned such a weapon: Nitro.

'Nitro? It can't be!"

In a voice like a long dead snake, the corpse answered,

"Miss me that much, Orono?"

"How? You died with us on this planet ages ago!"

Laughing, Nitro said in a wicked grin,

"Did you forget? I CAN'T be killed!"

With that, he ignited a sickly green blade and charged at Orono. At the last second, Orono faded into mist, narrowly avoiding him. Moments later, he leapt out of thin air, sapphire blade in hand. In a forward arc Orono slashed at Nitro, his blade gouging out his left eye. However his opponent simply charged forward, his attacks feral like a beast. The two fought so quickly that anyone watching would have only seen a blur. Rock, fire, lightning and debris were exchanged, until both resembled walking corpses. Seeing only one other option, Orono targeted the host of screaming souls in his enemy's body. Bone cracked and flesh ripped open as several spirits surged out of Nitro. As the living cadaver finally staggered back, Orono swept forward, cleaving its head clean off. However as he went back to his ship, the severed head delivered a warning,

"You got lucky this time, Orono. It'll be fun to see your empire burn."

Sternly Orono replied,

"And I'll be there to stop you, demon."

Chuckling the head taunted,

'We'll see about that..." 

Nitro, the Angel of Death