Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Trial by Fire

Shortly after Nitro's defeat, Circeia Zoiji ventured into the Unknown Regions. There her gunship crash-landed on the planet Lehon. After days of searching, Circeia discovered an ancient artifact: the Chrysalis. Left behind by the Infinite Empire centuries ago, it had the capability to endow whoever entered with near infinite power. Several droids, each more potent than the last appeared to face her. As the sun set over Lehon, Circeia reached the center of the Chrysalis. As promised, she gained great power in both combat and visions but at a great price. Her crimson eyes faded into nothing and her body shifted and contorted. In exchange she would forsake the Sith species forever. Now resembling a Miralukan, she created a new starship Seeress's Whisper and returned to the Zoiji Confederacy and her family. Her new insight foretold nine traitors in their midst, from the Confederate Knights...

The Chrysalis 

Monday, May 20, 2013

A New Generation

Standing amidst the scarred fields of Dras Edoc'sil was HK-51, the legendary, assassin and protector of the Zoiji family. Surround by piles of scrap metal he chuckled,

"Mockery: 'HK-101' indeed! These imitations are not even worthy of the name!"

Arkana and Korvo entered, taking a moment to examine the steel grey killing machine. Standing near this iron pit Arkana asked,

"Are they really that bad?" 

"Salutation: Greetings Lord and Lady Abyssus. Pardon my rambling but yes, they are quite defective."

Curious, Korvo said,

"Any ideas on how we can do one better?"

"Statement: I have no shortage of ideas but we had best go inside. By the time I am done you will likely collapse from exhaustion."

By the end of a week, plans for a new battle droid were being drawn up: the ZC-01 support model...



Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Crucible

Finally, Nitro commenced his attack on the Confederacy. To the surprise of his enemies, he unveiled the HK-101 a so-called 'successor' to HK-51. Nitro had also founded House Abyssus and sired two children with his wife Styxia: Arkana and Korvo. Systematic warfare occurred throughout the galaxy, with a thousand worlds drowned in the blood of soldiers on both sides. To the surprise of Orono and his House, Arkana and Korvo entered Dras Edoc'sil eager to defect. Orono sensed the truth in their words, as neither had the dark taint of Nitro's doctrine. They struck a deal; if they helped kill their parents and end the war before it shattered the galaxy, they would be welcomed as an ally of the Zoiji Confederacy. Many years later their parents were defeated. Styxia was slain by her own daughter, slashed through the skull. Nitro, after a lengthy battle only his children and House Zoiji working together could win; reverted to the corpse he truly was. Their bodies were devoured by corpses of the vengeful fallen summoned by Koschei and the power of countless souls bequeathed to their children. They were even given a choice of a bride and groom from the Zoiji family, and a royal name all their own, bought in the blood of patricide... 

An HK-101

Arkana,  Nitro's daughter
Styxia, Nitro's wife
Nitro's true form

Korvo,  Nitro's son

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Red Tears

Unfortunately for Viquina Zoiji, her grandfather's words eventually came to pass. While on a mission to ferret out the last followers of the old Sith Lords, her longtime lover Malavai Quinn jabbed a poison laden syringe in her back. Even though the attack had no effect, she was shocked and angered at the attempt. In a blind fury, Viquina charged towards Malavai as he fled behind zealot and citizen alike. Twin orange blades carved their way through flesh eventually, and his head rolled across the floor. Four months later, Viquina was still reeling from the betrayal, with only her father and grandfather able to calm her. A new officer was sent her way, a Zoiji Confederate with unwavering loyalty. History would know him as Captain Kristoff Moran...

Kristoff Moran

Friday, May 3, 2013


Despite painstakingly precise preparations, Orono was deeply troubled at Nitro's coming. Recent reports had stated he could survive nearly anything; even a planet's destruction. Then, in desperation, he decided to do the impossible: create his enemy's equal. Venturing into the catacombs of Dras Edoc'sil, he gathered the countless bones of warriors he had vanquished. Using the most forbidden powers and blood from his latest foes, a new creation: Koschei; was born. Named for an ancient terror conquered centuries ago, he Nitro's equal in nearly every way, Orono tasked him to help end his life when the time came. Since he possessed the memories of the untold many that had died at Nitro's hands, Grand Necromancer Koschei happily agreed...

Grand Necromancer Koschei