Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tournament for a Lady's Heart

By the time Circeia returned to the Confederacy, a tournament was in full swing. Upon further investigation, she realized her cousin Viquina had arranged the event to choose a proper groom. The entire population bore witness, as it was all broadcast over the HoloNet. Powerful individuals the galaxy over would fight for her hand in marriage. Out of seventy-five candidates, only a select few had survived the melee. The first was Symon Cedrax, brother to eccentric scientist Tharan Cedrax, the second a Force-sentsitive Kaleesh warlord known as Zoken, with Captain Moran, and smuggler Kim J'yur as the final two. The only rule was to not strike a killing blow, as the survivors had skills and connections that were vital to the Confederacy. With a wave of Viquina's hand, the fight began. After several hours and the most intense spectacle the Confederacy had ever seen, Warlord Zoken emerged the victor. Lord Korgo, Viquina's father came to congratulate the Kaleesh and deliver this warning,

'If you break her heart, I'll break your neck."

Unflinching and with fire in his eyes, Zoken answered,

"Never, Forcebane. I will follow her throughout eternity."

Smiling, the hulking man said,

"Good, because that's how long you'll be married to her."

The next day a lavish ceremony followed with banquets so grandiose the people   in attendance could barely believe their eyes...

Warlord Zoken

Kim J'yur

Symon Cedrax

Captain Moran