Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Watcher in the Dark

Inspired by Viquina's rather unorthodox wedding, Novon and Elara finally decided to get married as well. After small ceremony with the entire Zoiji family in attendance and a short honeymoon came a young daughter: Ixandriel (Eex-ann-dree-el). In the Forgotten Tongue, this meant "Veiled Lady". She had great potential in the Force, as befitted those of her lineage. However her early years were not the happiest. When Ixandriel was only ten, revolutionaries calling themselves the "Inheritors" attacked the house where she was spending time with the rest of the Zoiji. First there was a loud crash at the door followed by frenzied cries. Korgo flashed his lightsaber and told her to run. Kurumo and the others barred the door, but it did not hold for long. The revolutionaries burst in guns blazing, but their war cry was drowned out by earth, lightning, fire and blood. Just as Novon his wife and daughter cleared the room a shard of shrapnel darted out and slashed her across the face. Ixandriel screamed as blood streamed onto the floor. The three got away safely, but discovered Korgo had been captured while buying the others time to regroup. Ixandriel never quite forgot this act of loyalty and drilled herself for years in order to repay it. Her eyeless sockets were quickly replaced with state of the art cybernetics, ones that flashed bright red. Between her parents and other relatives, she mastered every blaster recorded with incredible speed. Now a full grown woman, she embarked on a solo journey to rescue her uncle. Despite the Inheritor's belief that their base was untraceable,  Zoiji spies found it on the edge of the Maw Nebula within three days. The soldiers laughed at the threat she posed but Ixandriel said,

"Even the void of space can't hide you from me."

One by one, she killed the traitors until reaching Korgo's cell. The door slid open to reveal a large man with muscle and sinew coursing all over his body. His hair was no longer the pitch black she remembered, now it was streaked with salt and pepper coloring. The fists were bound as well but he was soon free. While the Inheritors were by no means decimated, this rescue gave Ixandriel an early place in history...

Ixandriel Zoiji