Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Mandalorian Contract

With the Vizier's regime on Albios now in ruins, Orono projected a copy of himself back to Confederate space. He had received troubling visions as of late, and wanted to remind any rebels, present and future, who was in charge…

 Coruscant, Old Market Quarter…

HK-51, the infamous and deadly protector of the Zoiji line, ran quickly down the enormous alleyways and vendor stalls that made up a now decrepit section of this planet. Three Inheritor soldier squads were attempting to flee through ancient markets and he intended make them fail.

"Freeze it, droid. They're mine." a figure in green-red Mandalorian armor threatened. Within seconds the squads appeared, and HK-51 held back. The first squad fell to a thermal detonator in their haste, and were enveloped in the blast that followed. The other three, more cautious this time, attempted to flank their attacker, taking cover and roadie-running towards him in synchronized movements. However, no amount of tactical brilliance would save them here. The Mandalorian launched rockets from his jetpack at the rebels, taking them out with two loud BOOMS! From this assault, one survivor used the last of his strength to aim his blaster at the Mandalorian. However, a quick blaster shot between the eyes quickly spelled doom for him.

"Query: While I admire the efficiency with which you deleted these rebels, who are you, Mandalorian?" HK-51 asked the figure.

"I'll tell you, HK: Boba Fett!" a voice from the shadows answered.

Both the Hunter-Killer and the Mandalorian turned to look at the speaker. He was clad in a grey-on-black suit of fabled RIS armor, with two KDY-21 blasters holstered at his side, a vibrosword sheathed at his knee with an onyx jetpack. The helmet possessed a voice changer, giving the warrior's voice a gravelly feel to it. Boba Fett, taking this in, asked gruffly,

"Who the kreff are you?"

"You'll find out soon enough, Fett. I hear you're planning to leave the Confederacy. Care to explain why?"

"Emperor Orono's a coward." Fett answered bluntly. "He leaves known space and makes his followers do all the work. Anyone who doesn't lead his forces into battle is no true leader."

The warrior clenched his fist in response and Fett smiled beneath the T-shaped visor of his helmet. Good. Now he's angry, it'll be easy to kill him.

"Then I challenge you to an honor duel, right here, right now. If I win, you stay with the Confederacy. If you win, the Mandalorians can leave, no questions asked." the warrior said defiantly. 

Instead of answering, Fett drew his EE3 carbine and let loose a series of blaster shots. The warrior had barely enough time to get behind a stand for cover. Drawing his KDY blasters, he fired a volley of bolts, their shrill sound echoing through the market quarter. Despite being hit by the greater part of his opponent's shots. Fett brought a jet of flame to bear from his his flamethrower. Dropping one pistol, the warrior activated his jetpack and went up into the sky like a shot. Not one to give up, Fett did the same and doggedly gave pursuit. The chase ended near the remains of statues dedicated to bygone Senatorial big wigs. Upon landing, the RIS-clad warrior drew a sleek serrated blade. After Fett unsheathed smaller blades from his crimson wrist gauntlets, a rapid series of jabs, thrusts, parries and feints followed. The two warriors exchanged and received several blows until the RIS-clad warrior's helmet was knocked off. Boba Fett was poised for the finishing blow until he saw who he was actually fighting.

"Orono Zoiji?" Fett said with an unusual amount of surprise.

"Yes, it's me, Fett." the grey bearded old man replied. "And I hope you realize by now that I am NO coward!"

In a single fluid motion, he leapt over Fett and slashed his blade at his jetpack's igniters. The pack's engines roared to life, sending the Mandalorian in a sharp upward spiral, before finally slamming into the remnants of the first Supreme Chancellor's statue with a loud BOOM! Boba Fett, leader of the Mandalorian people, lay sprawled on the ground in a sea of rubble, as Orono approached him, blaster drawn. He fired a shot, and just before feeling its sting, Fett closed his eyes, expecting to feel death's embrace. Instead, he opened his eyes just as his own helmet was being removed.

"So this is your real face." Orono said with a tinge of awe. "I've been around a long time, but I never thought I'd be privileged enough to see it."

Unconcerned at his defeat, or the fact that someone knew what he looked like, Fett asked,

"Why didn't you kill me?"

"I respect you, Fett. You've survived everything the galaxy's thrown at you, stared death in the face and blown its brains out." Orono replied, 'Which is why I'm doing this for you."

He waved his hand, and suddenly, all of Fett's wounds had healed.

You're immortal now, Fett." Orono said, "Because in my world, the legend never dies."

An hour later...

After some deliberation, the two leaders solidified a permanent place for the Mandalorian people as long as Clan Fett ruled...

Boba Fett

Orono's RIS armor

One of Orono's KDY blasters.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

From the Ashes

The morning winds of Albios tried in vain to push the Summer Crow out of the new morning sky. Instead, she stayed true, soaring through the sky well enough to shame any bird of prey. Celgo Zoiji was at the helm, his cybernetic right eye scanning the horizon for the so called 'Amaranthine Fleet' the Vizier had at his command. If what Ryo and Virra had told them was true, it would be just up ahead. Setting the ship on autopilot, he turned to the two behind him and said,

"So you're sure you're ready for this?"

Almost immediately, Ryo and Virra replied,

'Absolutely. We'll do whatever it takes."

Celgo furrowed his brow and the metal iris of his right eye flashed yellow. The two had learned that this meant he didn't quite believe what he was hearing.

"No, I mean, are you ready? Once you fire the first shots, there's no turning back," he said firmly, gesturing at the turret entry ladders as he did so.

The siblings' faces became more pensive, and Celgo didn't need his 'good eye' to see the synapses going off as they mulled it over…

Below, at the edge of the Vizier's fortress…

Korgo Zoiji stood in front of the thousand-strong Hearth Brotherhood, his cyan-colored lightsaber blazing bright, his father Orono and the others beside him, and looked over the army he had trained for a year straight. There had been some setbacks and struggles of course, but now each of them brandished makeshift lightsaber and blaster of their own, with strong metal armor to match. In his steel edged voice that commanded attention, he declared,

"Friends and comrades, today your freedom is at hand. Many of you were doubtful that this day would come. But no cowards march on the Vizier today--no, I see brave warriors, willing to take what is rightfully theirs. Today, a new age begins: the Age of the Phoenix!"

With a raucous cheer, the Hearth Brotherhood charged forward and into the enemy compound. The equally strong guardsman responded in kind, enveloping the area in a storm of blades, blaster fire, and blood. At the same time, the Summer Crow let fly a hail of crimson energy, blasting the fleet of galleons, brigantines and triremes to bits. Moments later, the ship passed over the central palace, with Celgo, Ryo and Virra jumping off the rear ramp and out into the sky. Celgo's Force energy absorbed most of the damage, but they still landed with a heavy THUD! Here, the first-born of the Zoiji showcased his signature power: speed shooting. The movements of blaster and hand together were so fas that it appeared as a blur. However, Ryo and Virra slew their fair share as well, for several bodies lined the entrance to the palace. They found it largely deserted; the guards were fighting beyond the compound walls, and only a wrinkled, portly old man with a wispy mustache remained, cowering in his throne. He made no attempt to escape, merely recoiling as a trio of blasters were aimed at his face.

"Pl-Please! Don't you know who I am!? I am Vizier My'mas Voy, and by the power vested in my by the gods, I order that you spare me!" he ordered, the response coming out like a squeal instead. Celgo let out a short chuckle,

"My'mas Voy? That's funny; sounded like mama's boy to me!"

With that, three blaster shots fired, and Vizier My'mas Voy sprawled back against the throne. In a flash, Celgo drew a vibroknife, and in a single fluid motion, decapitated him. He handed the grisly trophy to the siblings,

"Keep this." he said calmly, as if it were nothing but a simple knickknack, "to remember the price of power."

The siblings nodded and held it up high for all to see…

Monday, December 9, 2013


After the the departure of the Zoiji family from the known galaxy, the Confederacy came under attack. Remnants of the Unified Counter-Treason Initiative, disbanded after the fall of the Republic and Sith Empire had become domestic terrorists. Using salvaged hardware and whatever they could steal, the Initiative had joined the Inheritors in exchange for having their influence restored. Their intimate knowledge of Confederate worlds made them a difficult for Revan, Darth Vowrawn, Darth Malgus, Count Dooku, General Grievous and Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Zoiji's regents…

Midday, in the center of Coruscant…

Revan stood crouched behind the shell of a crashed land speeder , a squad of four soldiers huddled behind him. About ten feet ahead, eight massive assault tanks lumbered into view: fifteen tons of steel and heavy ordinance that could easily decimate an enemy if caught in the open. Thankfully, these weren't any ordinary soldiers.

"On my mark, plan the charges, then run for cover," Revan said to them in a low whisper. The four soldiers nodded silently as the seconds ticked away.




"NOW!" Revan shouted. 

In a flash, the soldiers ran forward, the ash-grey color of their armor hiding their advance. In a matter of seconds the tanks were half covered in demolition charges, their receivers flashing crimson. Just as they had taken cover behind a withered streetlight, the charges went off with a resounding BOOM! The tanks were enveloped in a storm of fire, reducing each to rubble once the dust had settled. Unfortunately, their display of guerrilla warfare had not gone unnoticed. Groups of soldiers ran to the scene, attempting to drive the attackers back with a hail of blaster fire. Revan and his men stood their ground, with the soldiers firing from what little cover remained while he charged ahead. Using the Force, he augmented his speed, gliding past his attackers while he sliced, dismembered and decapitated each in turn. However, his advance was cut short by a group of battle droids, the pale yellow color of their plating prominent in the morning sun. Suddenly, and without warning, a red skinned man clad in elaborate robes leaped in front of Revan. Instead of brandishing a lightsaber, he raised his hands upward, making violet lightning billow from the sky. The droids tried to resist, but short-circuited one by one.

What a strange time this is, Revan thought to himself. First we were adversaries, now we're trusted allies.

That much was true. This was the latest of many victories they had achieved together, and there was a flicker of goodness in Vowrawn. He would never admit how much but there was a sense of compassion that tempered his calculations and plans, something Revan had come to admire.

 As the last fell, the figure, Darth Vowrawn turned to Revan.

"My heavens, that was exhilarating!" he said in a elegant, well mannered voice.

Letting out a light chuckle, Revan replied,

"Thanks Vowrawn, but send me some advance warning next time."

Smiling, Vowrawn said,

"Ah, but what's warfare without a little theatricality and flair?"

As he spoke, dozens of HK units, some 50's and 51's entered and began patrolling the streets, killing Initiative and Inheritor alike.

"That's true," Revan said, "because the fight is far from over."

"Not to worry, my friend," Vowrawn replied, "because while our enemies may be one step ahead of us, I am fifty ahead. And sooner or later we can crush this rebellion."

"I just hope Obi-Wan and the others are having as good luck as we are," Revan wondered…


Darth Vowrawn