Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mission to Tatooine: The Weapons Racket

Now properly re-alligned with the Jedi Order, Orono and Nadia received their first assignment together. Prototype weapons were being sent from Tatooine under the nose of the Republic to pirate space. To find the culprit, the two were sent to the planet and began the investigation. They started in a seedy cantina called Bloody Mary, a favorite haunt for weapons dealers. Even though the patrons tried to resist questioning, heavy drinking loosened their tongues. Eventually Orono and Nadia traced the deals to a local politician, Vktor Xelnovich. This led to a street chase, with Orono and Nadia following sabers blazing. The chase ended in the starport, with Vktor being subdued after a brief fight.

Storyline © L.B. Farren

Thursday, July 28, 2011

An Emotional Loss and Encountering Nadia Grell

In all the years that Orono had served the Jedi Order, no event hit him harder than the loss of his love, Vyzeria. On a mission to Korriban, he and Vyzeria were separated while chasing a Sith Lord on the run. There had been an ambush lying in wait and Vyzeria ran right into it. Moments later, Orono found her bleeding to death on the ground, for even with all her power, she was not immortal. Overcome with sorrow, Orono begged and pleaded with his love not to leave him. She replied that death comes for all, even those that are loved, before becoming one with the Force. Now filled with utter rage, Orono charged after the Sith Lord, viciously attacking him and taking his head as a trophy. Seven years' time was devoted to mourning his love. It would not be until he encountered fellow Consular Nadia Grell that his anger and grief wound abate. A calm and collected soul, she helped Orono come out of his grief and hate for the Order, bringing the two closer as a result...

Storyline © L.B. Farren

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rise of the Inferi Breed

After the escape of Darth Mortis, Orono soon learned that his enemy was creating an army of undead soldiers to fight the Jedi. Essentially a rotten corpse infused with Force power, they could withstand any injury and rise again, even lightsabers.

Storyline © L.B. Farren

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Failed Experiment: The Birth of Darth Mortis

Now in quiet seclusion on Taris, Orono attempted an experiment never before seen: to create life. This required a great deal of Force power and concentration, for if even one mistake was made, the consequences would be dire. This was the unfortunate result for Orono, for in the midst of the process, his feelings of contempt and anger at the Jedi Order were given form: that of a ravaged man in an iron vital suit. Taking the name Darth Mortis, this being immediately engaged Orono in battle, asking why he remained loyal to a weak and fragile Order. After fending off Orono, Mortis, fled to join the Sith Empire, warning Orono the day would come when he would embrace what he had created and join the Sith.


Darth Mortis

Storyline © L.B. Farren

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Jedi Schism

Ten years after the Alderaan Crisis, the greatest event in Jedi history occurred. Finally having had enough with the Order's ways, Orono called for a secession from the Tython temple entirely. The current master Satele Shan argued that he did not have the wisdom to guide his own Order. Orono laughed at this saying she had only won and lost two battles, where he had lived through hundreds, and thus had more experience than she could ever hope to have. This easily swayed the younger padawans and Knights, prompting nine hundred Jedi in total to answer Orono's call. The entirety of Clan Immortal was included in this event, irreparably damaging Satele Shan's authority.

Storyline © L.B. Farren

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Bombing of Alderaan (Alderaan Crisis)

After the brutal slaughter of the Flesh Raiders, another crisis arose to test Orono's loyalty to the Jedi. The Sith Empire had relentlessly launched bombing runs on the planet Alderaan and the Jedi were debating whether to send aid. Remembering that being bogged down in politics was the main reason the Jedi Order had lost the Great Galactic War, Orono was an advocate for leaving them where they lay, calling Alderaan's senators and politicians in general a "spineless" and "expendable breed". This argument eventually won out and the Order focused on those who deserved help rather than shifty senators.

Storyline © L.B. Farren

A Den of Wolves and Crows

Now among the new Jedi Order based on Tython, Orono finally believed his brethren would uphold their duty to protect the weak. That all changed with the coming of the Flesh Raiders. They had begun openly attacking the civilian population on Tython, who had little means to protect themselves. Time and again, Orono begged the Council to help but they refused, saying that becoming involved would weaken the Order. Enraged, he lashed out at the Order, calling them hypocrites for intervening only when it was most convenient and openly vowed to help the people of Tython, with or without their permission. Orono gathered a small group of Clan Immortal members and approached the Flesh Raider camp. No mercy was shown that day.

Storyline © L.B. Farren

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Healing Old Wounds

After having his sight restored in the form of his previous life an elderly human male, Orono constantly felt the grief of someone close to him echoing through the Force. Upon further investigation he found this presence to be his lost lover, Vyzeria. Working in secret and in violation of the Jedi Code, Orono created a body for her spirit to possess in order to rejoin him in life. The body was that of a human woman and contained a significant amount of Force power, equal to his own. Orono also performed these acts for Giotto and the rest of Clan Immortal, giving his comrades new life and the chance to fight for good once again.

Storyline © L.B. Farren

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Post-Mortem and Rebirth

After his demise on Korriban, Orono wandered through the netherworld of the Force until he found the spirits of the old masters. In order to ensure another generation of Jedi would be made to combat the Sith, he was sent back to the days of the Old Republic in a new form. With his memories intact Orono would train acolytes, slay Sith and help to correct past mistakes, protecting the future of the Jedi Order. He now exists as a Jedi Shadow, servant of the Republic and captain of the Defender-class frigate Cadfael.

Storyline © L.B. Farren

Orono's Last Battle

After fifty years of fighting the Empire, Orono felt a summons throughout the Force to come to Korriban for one last battle. When he arrived, he saw that thousands of others had arrived for the same purpose. The conflict quickly began, with large casualties on both sides. Orono hacked his way through countless Stormtroopers until he reached the more seasoned Skull Brigade. Known for constant success against Jedi, their attacks proved too difficult for Orono to handle even with his Force power. Receiving multiple chest wounds and the loss of both eyes, Orono limped to the entrance of a nearby temple. He fell back against the side of a statue. Summoning the entirety of his power, Orono opened a rift that consumed half the planet, killing himself in the process.

Storyline © L.B. Farren