Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Operation: Bastion

After completing his training of the Jedi Phantoms, Orono was assigned to lead an assault team and re-capture the Esseles from Sith hands. For his team, he chose Nadia and veteran commandos Giotto Draw and Earease to help him. Once onboard they fought their way through many Sith troopers until finding a lone ambassador being held prisoner. Then they found the ship's engineers held captive as well. Despite the ambassador demanding that they be left behind for the sake of time, Orono decided to instead save the engineers, as they would need all the help they could get against the Sith. The group the encountered and defeated the elite soldiers on the bridge. They managed to get some of the Esseles's weapons online, buying them some precious time against the Sith ships. At the last minute, the engines activated and the ship vaulted into space.

Storyline © L.B. Farren

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Passing on Knowledge

With all angst for the Jedi removed, Orono decided to pass on the skills he had learned from hundreds of years of war. Originally given twenty students by Satele to train, in five years' time, they had become the elite Jedi Phantom Corps. These Jedi had power over the Force that rivaled Orono himself. Nadia was also one of his students, and according to many, the best. A fast learner, she mastered in four days what had taken the others four months. Orono also taught her the technique of spiritual essence transfer, allowing her to perpetually cheat death.

Storyline © L.B. Farren

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Orono's Freedom

After the return of his enemy Darth Mortis, Orono had been held prisoner in his own body for more than eighteen years. Taken aback by the acts occurring unchallenged by the Order, he had begun to lose hope. But then came the voice of the one closest to him: Nadia Grell. Her words of encouragement were all that was needed. Gathering all the power he had, Orono tore through Mortis' chains and the two dueled in spirit. Again, as before the duel started as a stalemate. Throughout the duel Mortis taunted Orono, saying that he was a fool to return and that nothing was left for him. Orono remained unaffected, as Nadia was now alive and he had learned that even though the Order was undoubtedly flawed he could help others see the error of their ways. This resolve gave Orono the strength to strike down Mortis once again, shattering his doubt and anger. However, before fading away Mortis gave this warning: "You can never escape the darkness!" Now back in control of his body, Orono reunited with Nadia and the two set of in a new Defender class ship to replace the destroyed Cadfael: the Crimson Warden to repent for the evil committed by his form.

Storyline © L.B. Farren

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Slaying of the Elders and Dissention

With Darth Malgus now as his master, Darth Mortis set out to find and kill the last of the Jedi Elders. The Elders had built a base for themselves outside the Works District of Coruscant, armed with only two planetary guns and two soldier platoons. Entering the district his Fury-class interceptor Ragnarok, Mortis blasted the turrets with little difficulty. In addition, instead of fighting the soldiers, he projected a truth into their minds: that the Republic had left their families to starve and die after the war. This convinced the soldiers to join him and help to slay the Jedi. Within minutes Darth Mortis and his soldiers had burst through the base to confront the Jedi. Despite their skill, the ancient sages were killed in a series of blows. Then came Darth Mortis's age-old enemy: Satele Shan. Despite her ill-deserved title of Grand Master, Satele was no match for Mortis. She too, was quickly incapacitated and bound in chains. Seeing that the base had a galaxy-wide transmitter, Mortis decided to send this message,
"Ignorant people of the Republic! I have come to break you free of the chains that have bound you to the Jedi leeches. They pretend to protect you, but in truth they siphon the strength from you until it is exhausted in life or war. The Jedi cowards leave the old and broken to starve and die, as they are no longer of use to them. But my order is different. We take broken souls and reforge them into heroes beyond their wildest dreams. We have enough to feed you all for a thousand years of peace and you may live without ever fearing death. If you wish to be free of this prison, follow my ship to a new home and prosperity."

And in three months' time, follow, they did...

Storyline © L.B. Farren

Friday, August 12, 2011

True Colors Revealed

Then on a battle-scarred space station over Coruscant, Darth Mortis realized his goal. Sith forces led by Darth Malgus were attacking the station in full force. Orono was fighting the invaders inside, and Nadia was commanding the defense fleet. When it appeared that Nadia's fleet was winning, a new swarm of Sith ships came, destroying Nadia's ship. Believing her to be dead, Orono flew into a fit of rage that allowed Mortis to resurface. Merging with the Jedi once again to become one personality, he morphed Orono's body into the charred, iron-clad suit form he once had. After brutally slaughtering the Jedi and Republic troops, Mortis knelt before Malgus and pledged his allegiance to the dark side. But as he would soon learn, Nadia had in fact survived...

Storyline © L.B. Farren

Duel with Mortis

A year after the spread of the Inferi Breed, Darth Mortis and Orono faced each other in an epic duel. The two were evenly matched and as a result there was a long stalemate. However Orono's concern for Nadia lessened the power of the Sith Lord. After a series of lightning quick blows, he left Mortis for dead. Or so he thought. Just before his body decomposed, Darth Mortis projected a piece of himself back into Orono's mind to wait for the time he would make his opponent realize his true calling...

Storyline © L.B. Farren