Monday, January 23, 2012

The Heart of the Void: Retribution of the Republic

After dealing with Lord Legion on Tython, there were a series of deadly attacks on Republic worlds. Eager to strike back, the top scientists on Coruscant tried to devise a long range attack satellite. The Jedi Master Orono Zoiji was the only one who successfully created such a weapon. Using scrap and debris of destroyed battleships and a Force-powered core he built the most powerful tool in the Republic arsenal: the Heart of the Void. Capable of cleaving entire ships in two and decimating planets many systems away, it was a deadly foe. The first true target was the Imperial fortress world of Styx Prime. Supported by numerous anchors over an active volcano it was used as a reconnaissance outpost and staging area. Within minutes the Imperials were horrified to see several crimson beams of energy burning everything around them. The worst came when the beams destroyed the anchors and destabilized the volcano. However this would not be the only planet to suffer the Heart's wrath.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Traitor in the Ranks

After the disappearance of Vorgen Cyphon, Orono returned to Tython to help the others embrace both sides of the Force. Using potent holocrons gathered from the Galactic Civil War, he showed them how to overpower the spirits within them and gain their power. Many found they could wield immense power, enough to open a rift into the Netherworld of the Force or travel in hyperspace without the use of a ship. However there were also those whose wills were too weak. One student in particular was overpowered by a holocron containing some of the most dangerous Sith. Now referring to himself as "Lord Legion" he attempted to escape. Nadia Grell was the first to fight him and for a time they were evenly matched. She repelled every attack sent at her, as the possessed Jedi's powers were nowhere near as powerful. Then came an attack she was not ready for: duplication. Now there were seven Jedi fighting her at once. Creating twice as many copies, Orono siphoned the traitor's power, wiped his memory and encased him in a crystal prison.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Into the Great Unknown

After years of planning and preparation, the Oblivion Reaper and Hydra Legion were ready for war. The two sides met in orbit over Coruscant and began the battle. It was a wild frenzy, with countless ships being shot down one after the other and the Reaper in the center. While the fleet occupied the majority of Republic forces, the Hydra Army relentlessly fought its way to the capital. It was onboard the Reaper that Vorgen and Orono squared off in a duel. However as their showdown intensified, the Force-powered core of the ship was destabilized. As he attempted to flee, Orono came upon the ship's targeting system. Disabling all of the Shockwave-class warheads he was forced to launch at at the political district, which while completely decimating anything in range left the civilian population unharmed. As he left the Reaper's hangar, Orono noticed the ship breaking apart to form a force fueled wormhole. Then to his greater surprise Vorgen flew his ship through the wormhole, never to be seen again.

Or so it seemed...