Friday, March 30, 2012

Creation of the Spirit Scythe

In order to better combat Vorgen Cyphon, Orono set out to create the most powerful lightsaber in existence. Deep in study, he was able to create a unique metal for the hilt. Unlike more conventional materials, it could not be broken by even the strongest weapon. Then there was a color crystal needed to complement the seven power crystals inside. However, upon interacting with said crystal there was a dramatic change. Originally blue and highly tuned to the Force, the crystal recognized the fire in Orono's spirit and turned a blood-red. The crystal, or "Volcano's Heart" as it came to be known gave the lightsaber powers that were deemed supernatural when it was inside it. In moments of anger, the twin blades jetted roaring flames and could freeze any being in place when directed. To increase its power, the lightsaber would siphon the spirit out of anyone it defeated. Due to this nature, Orono dubbed it the "Spirit Scythe."

Friday, March 23, 2012

An Old Enemy

After years spent in a wormhole, the Black Rose came adrift over Coruscant. Republic scout ships soon brought it to the main hangar to study the ship's technology. However the crews never returned. Now sporting metallic armor with a gladitorial design, Vorgen Cyphon and lover Kaliyo Djannis returned to the galaxy.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Zoiji Line

While their mother and father were maintaining order in the galaxy, Celgo, Novon and Vyria had time to develop three unique personalities. Born with an insatiable thirst for travel, risky situations and adventure, Celgo went on to become a famous smuggler sending supplies through to the Republic on the freighter Indigo Crow. His brother Novon on the other hand grew to be strong in both body and mind. Fascinated with war strategies, he spent centuries developing techniques for Force-sensitive soldiers to complement Jedi. He was also serious and cautious, a complete contrast to Celgo. Then there was Vyria. A fast learner, she was reading texts on ancient political philosophy at the age of seven. She went on to follow in her father's footsteps and become a Jedi Shadow. She also had a knack for politics, being able to calm even entire nations that were about to go to war. This eventually became a talent imbued by the Force. Vyria realized that by just slightly imbuing her voice with power, it could hypnotize all but her brothers. The three immortal Zoiji heirs soon gained great influence and prestige.

All that changed with the return of Vorgen Cyphon...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Keeping Order

Shortly after the execution of the original Jedi Council or the "Blind Traitors" as the public called them, a resistance group was formed by some of their old followers. Forty thousand Jedi Knights and Masters strong, they sought to end Orono's more merciless regime. On the steps to the Jedi Temple Orono and Nadia came to meet them. Their power was so great that the two could fend of the entire group. Danger truly came for the rebels when Nadia was wounded in the fight. Even though she received only a scratch on her face, it was enough to send Orono into a Force-fueled rage. The winds howled and lightning cracked as he drew on his vast stores of power. Soon Orono's blows became so fast that none could block them in time. Then only seven of the rogue Jedi were left. Seeing great potential in six of them, Orono wounded the first and projected his mind onto the others. They went to strike at him but instead killed the lead Jedi and pledged their allegiance to him. Later that day, the heads of the rebellious Jedi were taken and mounted on a spike for all to see...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Great Cleansing

With the death of Syo Bakarn, the leading spy for the Emperor, the other traitors were revealed to Orono. Drawing on his own Jedi Phantom Corps, which had grown from the original twenty to ninety-eight million he uprooted and killed every spy he could find. The original Jedi Council members were also subject to public execution conducted by Orono himself. With thousands of Republic citizens cheering before him, Orono tore their spirits from their bodies and placed them in a state of limbo, where they could never become one with the Force. Then monuments to their glory were burned and libraries purged of their knowledge, to the point where no one knew they even existed.

It was also during this time that a a very familiar ship exited a wormhole over Coruscant: the Black Rose.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Faceless Prophet

After two years in seclusion with his family, Orono reluctantly accepted a mission to Corellia. It was there he saw a group of Jedi doing battle with Sith soldiers. The Master leading the group wore a metal mask with closed eyes. Despite their best efforts, each in the group was eventually overwhelmed and shot dead. Donning the mask, Orono dubbed himself the "Faceless Prophet". It was working through the war-torn factories that he encountered Darth Malgus. He was close to defeating his opponent when the Jedi stabbed him through the heart. Receiving a vision of the future, Orono saw that Malgus would go on to oppose the Sith Emperor and be a hope for the Order's survival. Surging to the center of the field, Orono split his saber in two and pinned the Jedi against the wall while he sent a pulse of energy through the Sith Lord, which granted him immortality. As the Jedi slowly bled to death, he grabbed his lightsaber and went to confront Syo Bakarn a traitor to the Jedi Order. After a lengthy duel Syo was brought to his knees broken and bleeding. Without a second thought, Orono cleaved the traitor's head clean off his chest. Then the remaining Masters came to congratulate him on ensuring their victory. Orono spat back that they did not earn this victory and did not deserve their power. Having had enough of the Order's ignorance and stagnation, Orono did the only thing he could: broadcast his memories to everyone in the Republic. The Republic populace was both horrified by the slaughter that was to come and angered by the incompetence of the Jedi Order. They called for the immediate suspension of the current Council's authority with Orono and his disciples as its replacement, the Supreme Chancellor being a direct supporter. With the backing of the Republic behind him, Orono proclaimed that there were spies and traitors born of the Sith Emperor within their ranks. If any were found they should be killed without warning or mercy.

And so the Great Cleansing began...