Saturday, November 24, 2012

An Emperor's Robes

With the eve of his original timeline approaching, Orono discarded his Consular robes for more regal attire of crimson and gold. Reminiscent of the garb worn by Revan, dark grey armor was enveloped in a blood-red cape. In place of his royal helm was a brimstone black helmet with five visors made to look like golden bars. While they would be concealed by Orono's Senatorial attire, they would soon become the object of worship the galaxy over. However, an unforeseen effect was the shift in their color. As Orono acted on behalf of his family, blood red soon turned dark grey once again, reflecting his true nature...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A God's True Face

After acquiring the HK droid army, Orono tested them in battle. A new threat: the Dread Masters had emerged to conquer the galaxy. While his droids fought off their pawns, Orono engaged the four of them head on. Fire and stone flew from his hands and lightning crackled in the sky as he used every possible attack against them. However the physical toll on Orono was extreme. When another round of attacks failed, the Lord of Pain said,

"How can you be immune to our powers? Have you no fear?"

Laughing, Orono replied,

"You want fear? I'll show you fear."

His helm slid off his face and hit the ground. Where the face of a wizened old man should have been, was a heavily decayed ruin. One side was covered in pale white skin, with twin maggots reaching out of its socket, the other a nest of shrapnel surrounding a faded brown eye. The rest of him was no better, with moth-eaten robes covering a skeletal body with organs long dead. The nails on one of his hands had sharpened to the point of becoming claws. Finally, where blood had once flowed through his veins, only ash and rubble remained.

Showing a surprising level of shock, the Dread Masters asked,

"What are you?"

In a raspy voice, Orono answered,

"The future."

With that, he reached out with his hand and hurled three of the Masters towards him. With five slashes of his cold blue lightsaber, their heads split in two. Energy surged through him as he absorbed the countless souls the Masters had obtained. While the battle was declared a victory, Orono was cautious, as the final Master: the Mistress of Misery was still out there.    


Orono's true face

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ghosts in the Machine

While on a routine assassination mission on Coruscant, HK-51 acquired various 'malignant programs' after eliminating rival hunters. When he returned to Orono at Dras Edoc'sil to address the issue.

"Statement: Master, this is very strange, but I seem to be battling a potent virus."

"How did this happen?"

"Answer: I do not know, Master but I can translate from the babble in my head that they have one goal."

"What is that?"

"Answer: They wish to you, Master."

"Can I translate through a droid or a terminal, perhaps?"

"Definite Answer: No Master, this would prove ineffective. Direct interface with my chassis is necessary."

"Then I will."

After a short period, Orono had entered the inner workings of HK-51: a realm entirely composed of binary numbers in various colors. At the center of this world was a grey cloud-like mass of zeros. Orono approached the entity and said,

"Who are you?"

In response it replied,

"We are your allies."

"How can this be? I don't know who you are."

"Let us correct that error."

Separating and shifting, the cloud became a spider-like droid with many eyes, a Super Battle Droid, a droideka and several others. 

Surprised, Orono said,

"Munin.. and all my other droids. How? You haven't even been made yet!"

"Incorrect. Before the expiration of your physical unit, we uploaded copies of ourselves into the planet's technology. We have waited many years to serve you again."

"Then I think I can help you."

Entering a storage room with untold amounts of HK series units, Orono uploaded their programs into each of them. Once finished, Munin in the strongest of them said,

"Rousing Declaration: Master Orono and House Zoiji are our leaders now. We will follow them until our destruction or deletion. Long live the Zoiji!"

After their departure HK-51 said,

"Relieved statement: Thank you, Master! Peace and quiet at last."

With that, Orono had the largest known droid army at his disposal...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Hunter's Children

After traveling together for several years, Vyrkon and Mako decided to get married. However, there was a significant complication. Since Mako was a clone there was a very high chance of a miscarriage. Instead they decided to mix their DNA together and create children through cloning. During the procedure, two children were created. One was a healthy Zabrak-human hybrid boy named Sylo. The second was a daughter, Cetnia but her birth was marred by a significant imbalance. The Zabrak-Human DNA and the Force potential within it drastically changed her appearance. In place of her father's fiery red skin and horns she had pale white skin and silver-grey eyes. Despite this, Cetnia was welcomed with open arms into the Zoiji family. At age twenty-nine, she was a master bounty hunter with a D-5 Mantis-class ship the Siren and her own team. Among them was her eventual lover; a Mandalorian by the name of Tyro Lykan...