Friday, January 25, 2013

The Makeb Insurrection

Despite his thorough extermination of the Cartel several months ago, Orono was enraged to learn the Cartel had survived. Now operating out of Makeb, they sought revenge for the death of their comrades. Bearing a great hatred for the Cartel, Orono ordered the entirety of his fleet and army to their last bastion. Biochemical warfare, slave revolts, orbital bombardment, nothing mattered to him as long as the entire Cartel and every species in it was destroyed and their thralls freed...

Zoiji foot soldiers on Makeb

Nadia Zoiji, his second in command

HK-51, Orono's general

The Cartel Strikes Back

Despite their near-extinction by House Zoiji, the Hutt Cartel had an ace up its sleeve. Over the course of three months, they unveiled a new army. Boasting Mauler-class destroyers and the new UT-01 (Universal Terminator) units, they threatened to ravage the galaxy. Orono and the rest of his family rode out with the Aegis fleet to meet them. While the UT units were powerful, HK-51 and his followers proved far superior. In addition, ninety of their destroyers were lost for every Zoiji battleship. Just as the Cartel was about to retreat, Orono ordered the fleet away sending his flagship, the Grey Phoenix into the fray at ramming speed. While the crew evacuated, he released several of his souls in a burst of energy. This caused a massive rift in space, sending ninety-nine percent of the Hutt, Nikto and Gamorrean population and any trace of Longinus's Spear into the depths of oblivion....

The Grey Phoenix, flagship of the Confederate Navy.

The Aegis fleet

A standard Universal Terminator droid

The rift caused by Orono's 10,001st death

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Deadly Host

In her fanatical devotion to House Zoiji, H'lysa Qovin began a new project: Omega Battalion. Made up of hand-picked operatives and mercenaries, it would be a force to be reckoned with. The Chameleon-class spies were expert infiltrators. The Colossus-class soldiers were the fiercest urban fighters in all the Confederacy. Lastly the Juggernaut-class soldiers were Force sensitives trained with both a lightsaber and a blaster. H'lysa was given a great reward for this act: eternal life...

 A Confederate Colossus

A Confederate Chameleon

A Confederate Juggernaut

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Resisting Fate

After nine millennia of life, Orono was confronted by an avatar of the Force. It expressed great anger, as he had not fulfilled his purpose. Unable to reason with such a being Orono engaged in a duel with it. While he had the situation under control, another Confederate Guardian, H'lysa Qovin tried to distract the avatar. Despite her skill she was split in half, electrocuted and left for dead by the Force. In a flash Orono bashed in its skull and siphoned the power from it. Within minutes, H'lysa was rushed to the hospital. Since Orono brought his vast fortune to bear, she was given state of the art reconstructive surgery. While she barely resembled her Mirialan form, H'lysa would be the first Emperor's Avatar. Working alongside Korgo, his Shadow, she would enforce Orono's will throughout the galaxy....

H'lysa Qovin before her reconstruction

Her rebirth....

Then as the Emperor's Avatar.

H'lysa's new face

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Warden Protocol

In light of the recent rebellions by the Hutts, Orono implemented new security measures throughout the Confederacy. Every household was given starship-grade plating and auto-turret defenses. Each citizen was required to own one blaster weapon and a set of military-grade armor for protection. Every major city was equipped with an array of artillery guns and high end shields with many backup generators. Lastly five hundred of the new HK-52 units would act as a constant standing militia in every city. Within months, the Warden Protocol was in full swing....

Three of the many HK-52 units present in the Confederacy.

A typical Zoiji Confederate home 


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lessons in Obedience

While on a supply run to the poorer districts of Coruscant, a would-be assassin injected Orono with a lethal dose of Longinus's Spear. Another dose was intended for Nadia but he intercepted that as well. This left Orono gravely ill, as he could barely control the spirits within him. Fearing for her husband's life, Nadia scoured the galaxy to find a cure. Anyone in her way soon died screaming. The search finally ended on Yavin 2, a long forgotten research world. The culprits were once again revealed to be the Hutts. Such was Orono's anger that he teleported himself to the planet. Now literally a Force-powered corpse, he drained the minds of all the scientists to find the antidote. His form was restored, but his kindly visage would take time to return. He called for the near extinction and banishment of all Hutts and their allies save the Weequay, as they had helped get past the Cartel's defenses. The bloodshed ended when only fifty Hutts, Gamorreans and Nikto remained. Orono regretted being forced to make such a choice, but peace required sacrifice...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Noble Sacrifice

Desperate to reclaim the power they had lost to the Zoiji family, the Hutts organized an army of Houks, Gamorreans and Nikto in revolution. Since conventional weapons would not harm the Zoijis, they devised a poison to drain the Force from them. At daybreak, they launched an attack over Taris. Xyrio, a master of poisons himself, realized their function and absorbed the supply into himself. His pale form began to wither and convulse, as two millennia's worth of age caught up with him. However he was able to root the traitors where they stood and vaporize them in a massive explosion. The event shook his father Xhulon, and after two hundred years of mourning he sired a daughter: Circeia (seer-seya). A Sith pureblood like her father, she was a vicious fighter and adept in the Force. However further tragedy was to come. Even though the supply of the poison, Longinus's Spear as it was known was gone, the formula was not...