Friday, June 29, 2012

The Final Son: Xhulon the Deathless and the Twilight Guard

With Vyrkon now leading the vast mercenary armies at the Empire's disposal,  Orono gazed into the future of his House once again. He saw the birth of a ninth son, one that would master all the secrets guarded by the Sith. A clone was  created in one of his several labs and exposed to five hundred Jedi and Sith holocrons. The end result was a great warrior by the name of Xhulon (zoo lon) with dominion over the Force rivaling Orono. Feeling the most alive in combat, Xhulon's skill was both savage and refined all at once and many met their end by his blood red lightsaber. He also collected the souls of his fallen foes to increase his power. In his prime, Xhulon's body housed over ten thousand souls. Spanning a six thousand year lifetime, he managed to either subdue or defeat all the members  of the Dark Council. Their thralls and minions soon became known as the Twilight Guard. Bound with ancient magics, they were sworn to defend the Republic and not even death would let them escape servitude...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Iron Beast: Birth of Vyrkon Zoiji

Shortly after Korgo had led his hunt against the Hutts, his brother Celgo decided to marry Akaavi before any trouble befell them as well. Their love produced a healthy Human-Zabrak hybrid boy. Vyrkon (veer-con) as the child came to be known, soon entered the Mandalorian heritage of his mother. At only the age of ten, he made his first five kills. While running errands with his parents at a Corucanti bazaar, a group of five mercenaries attempted to rob the area. Despite his inherited immortality Vyrkon did not want anyone to be harmed. Grabbing an elegant knife out of its display case, he charged at the group, stabbing the first in the back of the neck, slitting the throat of the second and decapitating the final three. His mother Akaavi glowed with pride for his actions, for he had completed the Trial of the First Blood and was now a Mandalorian. In the years that followed, Vyrkon developed great physical strength and a near limitless tolerance for pain. He also managed to best several warriors in single combat without the use of armor or blasters. On his twentieth birthday, he forged a crimson and white suit of armor for himself and was bequeathed a D5-Mantis Patrol Craft christened the Hellhound. It was after this point he joined Korgo in his dominion over the Sith Empire in order to keep the peace...

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Family of A Thousand Faces

With an army lying in wait, the Zoiji family proceeded through several centuries of time. To avoid suspicion , they would wait until at least ninety years, fake their own deaths and break out of their own graves. The legendary immortals were known by more than a thousand names in as many years. During this time they managed to forge many treaties and blood oaths with several of the best warriors in the galaxy, among them the Mandalorians  and the Gen'dai. To prevent these oaths from being forgotten in the passage of time a seal was place on the chests of their leaders. When the time came for the overthrow of the Skywalker family, all would answer the call...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An Army of Darkness and Light

With the Hutts now brought into line, the Zoiji family had to prepare for both the final defeat of the Sith Emperor and the coming of the Skywalker line. To do this Orono and his family scoured the Republic for allies while Korgo fought and defeated several Sith Lords to gain their support. When all was said and done, forty million ships and soldiers rallied behind Korgo and double that followed Orono. Despite the controversy that came with such an army, both factions agreed that they shared a common enemy in the Sith and the Jedi. Chanting the Zoiji motto ,"Blod og Ben" or "Blood and Bone" in the Forgotten Tongue, they approached Dromund Kaas. When all of the ships orbited the Imperial Palace, the Jedi and Sith leading the army descended amidst a hail of fire. As the attack was unexpected, the Imperial Guard tried in vain to repel the swarms of invaders. The Emperor then appeared, lightsaber drawn. All eight members of House Zoiji converged on him using all their powers against him. Only with the numerous battleships working in concert with the could the volatile Emperor be subdued. Ancient powers were used to bind him into the decaying form that stood before them. The Emperor's body was then turned to stone and was crushed to dust as the many monuments to his glory fell on top of him. In addition to restricting the Emperor to one form, the powers used on him prevented any future resurrections. The Zoiji army was frozen in carbonite to await the coming of the Skywalker line...  

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Bloodied Vows

After attaining the post of Emperor's Wrath, Korgo decided to marry his lover Vette after years of travel together. With the vast amounts of resources available to him, Korgo organized a lavish wedding on the neutral world of Nar Shaddaa. Thousands of guests were in attendance, among them several Hutt crime lords. Just after the vows had been exchanged, several mercenaries loyal to the Hutt clans burst in and attempted to kill the newlyweds. Two of them surrounded Korgo and managed to knock Vette unconscious. In a burst of rage Korgo launched himself forward and grabbed his wife in the midst of several attacks. This made for a rather grisly sight, as his crimson and grey armor was stained with blood and many open wounds were all over his body. After his wife was secure, Korgo rushed at the clansmen in a flash until all lay dead or bleeding to death on the floor. In retaliation, he led thorough and vicious attacks on Hutt palaces throughout the galaxy and none were spared. This act earned Korgo the title Huttsbane... 

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Unforeseen Son: The Rise of Korgo Zoiji

With his children spreading vast amounts of wealth throughout the galaxy, Orono felt a time of peace had begun. It was then he decided to create clones of himself to inhabit throughout the ages. However, as with Darth Mortis several years before, an accident occurred. As the first clone was created the energies inside it became imbalanced. The appearance of the body shifted in a black mist until a tall, raven haired man with blood red tattoos and eyes like ash emerged. Since it was created from Orono's form, its power was equal in every way. Taking the name Korgo, his first act was to burst from the canister containing him and attempt to overpower Orono. Despite Korgo's raw power Orono had more experience and was able to will his "son" to sleep. Half an hour later, Korgo awoke and asked his father why he had spared him. Orono replied that despite the temptations of the powers in him, they could be controlled and refined into the greatest weapons imaginable. He then offered to train Korgo to the point where he would have god-like control over the Force. Korgo accepted the offer and was then inducted into House Zoiji. A Chancellor-approved pardon came with this training. This allowed Korgo to preserve the interests of the Zoiji family in the Sith Empire with complete diplomatic immunity. After twenty years of training, he was a master of of lightsaber combat and the Force with no equal save for Orono. His training complete, Korgo set out to infiltrate the Empire. It was twelve months later that he returned to Dras Edoc'sil aboard the Fury-class interceptor Shadow Hunter as a fully realized warrior with a Twi'lek pirate named Vette as his lover and a great deal to tell...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Cursed Treasure of Celgo Zoiji

After spending several centuries collecting and storing treasure, Celgo Zoiji decided to give his wealth to some of the more impoverished worlds of the Republic. However before he did so he placed a great power upon it. If any of the 600,000 gold coins was given to one who needed it most, they would experience luck beyond their wildest dreams. However if any were taken through theft and plunder, the bearer would have the worst luck imaginable. One unfortunate Imperial admiral had the audacity to steal a coin. He and the colony he was based out of died of disease soon after..

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dras Edoc'sil: Seat of House Zoiji

With the Covenant of the Holy Slayer now defeated, Orono set about creating a new home for his House. After several months of searching he found a lone world at the edge of the galaxy. Drained of all life by the Sith Emperor centuries ago, it was now a barren wasteland. However Orono changed this using his vast stores of power. Fields of ash soon changed to lush fields of green and great rivers of water flowed across the world. Wolf-like animals were also born of this power, loyal only to House Zoiji. In the center of the plant stood an immense mountain surrounded by seventeen smaller ranges. With the power of the Force, Orono was able to carve a castle ten times the size of that on Voss. Fortresses took form on the ranges beneath it, each boasting the finest defenses ever created. They required no men to arm them, for the planet had gained sentience due to its revitalization via the Force, and in gratitude vowed to shelter and defend House Zoiji. Its nature was summed up in the name Dras Edoc'sil (dras ee-dok-sil ). This meant "Unconquerable City" in a language long forgotten. However the location of this world was a closely guarded secret, leaving this safe haven shrouded in mystery...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The False God's War

After the induction of the Wookiee Bowdaar and Akaavi Spar into House Zoiji, Orono became aware of a new threat to the Republic: The Covenant of the Holy Slayer. A large gathering of zealots based out of the Outer Rim, they believed one of their leaders, Orko Mogron, was a demigod and that any who opposed him would be crushed. Having recently discovered the Republic, they thought they could overcome this area of space in three months. However Orono himself had millennia of wisdom fighting in war. Instead of the speedy victory the zealots had hoped for, they were routed to the edge of Republic space in four weeks. The time eventually came for Orono to duel Orko the Demigod. Although he claimed his weapons and armor were indestructible, Orko's arms broke like glass before the might of the Spirit Scythe. Just before he succumbed to his wounds, the Demigod fired his ship's weapons on Zoiji Manor, reducing Orono's home to nothing but fire and ash. Upon seeing their leader fall by the hands of a Jedi, Orko's followers scattered to the furthest reaches of space, never to be seen again. As the rest of the Republic returned to normalcy Orono decided to create a new home: an entire planet for House Zoiji to inhabit until the end of time... 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

An Enslaved Champion

Twenty years after the Balmorran Palace Affair, Celgo went to Nar Shaddaa to purchase prototype weapons for the Republic. Newly wed to his lover Akaavi, he had imbued her body with enough Force power to make her as immortal as he was. Their contact was a droid crime lord by the name of ZO-89. However he was not renowned for his sense of fair play. Just as the deal was finished, Celgo and Akaavi were ambushed by a group of assassins. While the duo could have killed them all, a lone Wookiee warrior came charging in and defeated the attackers....