Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Korgo's Progeny: Births of Qyrio and Viquina Zoiji

After removing all immediate threats to House Zoiji, Korgo decided to raise a family of his own. To this end he built an impenetrable castle in the cold northern region of Dras Edoc'sil known as the "Warlord's Hearth". It was here that the two children of Korgo and Vette were born: one son Qyrio (keer-eo) and a daughter Viquina. While they were both the children of the Emperor's Wrath, Qyrio and Viquina faced severe discrimination under the Empire's anti-alienistic attitudes. On one occasion, the two were approached by a mob of students threatening to beat them and prove they were better than "off-world trash". The situation quickly grew physical, but Korgo and Vette came on the scene before Imperial guardsmen could interfere. It was at this moment Viquina's Force potential was discovered. Just as the leader of the mob went to strike at her she pushed out both her hands, releasing a torrent of lightning which liquified him to his chest. Qyrio also discovered a unique talent for marksmanship, incapacitating eight additional attackers before they even took a step. It was when their Sith Lord fathers arrived that Viquina and Qyrio's parents intervened. In a flash, Korgo leapt forward and cleaved the chests of two Lords open while Vette gunned down an additional four. Finally the mob retreated to eventually suffer an execution sentence, for attacking the Emperor's Wrath or anyone close to him was considered high treason...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Silencing Whispers

While Orono was constructing doomsday weapons for the coming revolt in secret, the three brothers Korgo, Vyrkon and Xhulon were facing problems of their own. Resistance movements had sprung up in the Empire that threatened to halt their master plan. Seeking to resolve their respective situations quickly, the three unveiled the latest of their weapons: the Salvation-class battleships. Two hundred times the size of its template the Oblivion Reaper it could house both a support fleet and an army independently while blockading an entire planet. Their two main strengths were the fourteen miniaturized Heart of the Void energy cannons that complemented another four hundred turbolasers and their six Force-powered reactors, giving them limitless strength in battle. Isolating the threats on Korriban, Dromund Kaas, and Nal Hutta the brothers decimated each fleet, recovering only the skulls of their leaders as an example to others...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Wanderers: Vilerya's Soldiers

Impressed by the glory her disciple Xaria had achieved, the goddess of death Vilerya decided to once again prove her power. Turning to the battlefields  of the Cold War she created her finest work: an army of undead soldiers known as the Wanderers. Their leader in the field was Allan Krimire (crim-ear), a legendary marksmen left to die on Taris. Bearing an open gash in his skull from the missile that had killed him, he made an intimidating sight in battle... 

The Family Tree

House Zoiji Family Tree

(House Zoiji Family Tree)

Orono Zoiji àNadia Grell
         (Orono Zoiji)                     (Nadia Grell)

1.              Celgo Zoiji
(Celgo Zoiji)
2.              Novon Zoiji
(Novon Zoiji)
3.              Vyrkana Zoiji
(Vyrkana Zoiji)
4.              *Korgo Zoiji
(Korgo Zoiji)
5.              *Xhulon Zoiji
(Xhulon Zoiji)

     Celgo Zoiji à Akaavi Spar
                                                              (Celgo Zoiji)                             (Akaavi Spar)

1.              Vyrkon Zoiji
         (Vyrkon Zoiji)

                       Novon Zoiji à Elara Dorne..
                          (Novon Zoiji)                         (Elara Dorne)
                                      Xhulon Zoiji à Ashara Zavros
                     (Xhulon Zoiji)                          (Ashara Zavros)

                                                ^Kozin Zoiji à Kira Carsen...      
                                                       (Kozin Zoiji)                        (Kira Carsen)


                        Korgo Zoiji à Vette...
                         (Korgo Zoiji)                             (Vette)

1.              Qyrio Zoiji
(Qyrio Zoiji [qeer- eo])
2.       ViquinaZoiji
(Viquina Zoiji)

Vyrkon Zoiji à Mako...
           (Vyrkon Zoiji)                  (Mako)
1.     Sylo Zoiji
     (Sylo Zoiji)
2.     * Cetnia Zoiji
(Cetnia Zoiji)

(I know it's probably hard to remember how everyone's related so I made this family tree).

*-result of cloning experiment 
^-accepted into House Zoiji
...-and all other companions of characters
-->-married to
#'s- children

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Hoth Expedition: Guss Tuno and the Golden Watchmen

While enjoying great wealth from the Gold Roost Inn, Celgo received a report of strange happenings on Hoth. Soldiers around the Republic base had been going missing for months only to return as statues of gold and gems...