Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Oracle

Having gained a considerable amount of power, Vyrkana went out into the galaxy to make a name for herself...

Monday, October 22, 2012

First Blood: The Death of King Malcolm XXIII

After the creation of the Royal Artifacts, Viquina Zoiji traveled to the edge of the Corbo sector. Once there she gifted them to its sovereign ruler, Malcolm XXIII. After wearing the artifacts for no more than a week, he had been reduced to a paranoid feral beast. As hundreds  of thousands were slaughtered, Viquina felt a rush of energy as their souls absorbed through her connection to the artifacts. It was only when the subjects revolted that she decided to take action. In the dead of night, she infiltrated the madman's castle and split his chest in two. The air was filled with raucous cheers as Malcolm's head was held aloft for all to see.

What the leader did not know was that he would soon suffer the same fate...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Poisonous Influences: The Royal Artifacts

To prevent any permanent eras of peace, Orono used the darkest of his knowledge to create the 'Royal Artifacts'. While they appeared to be a crown, scepter and ring befitting a king or queen, they would in fact lead to the ruin of whoever possessed them.

1. The Tyrant's Crown- An iron crown with fiery red jewels, it could attack the wearer's view of reality, making enemies be seen everywhere, even amongst their closest friends and family.

2. The Primal Ring- A silver ring with an acid green stone endowed with the power to find the secrets of its wearer, it could discover their darkest emotions and amplify them one thousandfold, be they rage, pride or otherwise.

3. The Scepter of Conquest- The golden, sapphire laden scepter would leave the owner with a burning desire to gain more wealth or power and no amount of captured or destroyed worlds could slake it.

With their creation Orono and the rest of his House devised a plan: every four thousand years, these artifacts would be given to a powerful ruler. This would create a near infinite amount of souls to consume if repeated in the future...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lady Charybdis: The Rise of Viquina Zoiji

Heartened by the return of her grandfather, Viquina Zoiji raced through her trials with great speed. Sent to the Sith Academy by her father Korgo, she was considered the deadliest Sith Marauder since Exar Kun. At the conclusion of her final trial, Orono appeared to her in the form of a dark-robed man with an iron skull-shaped helm over his face. Commending her for possessing the determination to pass the trials, he gave Viquina her true test: bending souls to her will. Sending eight million souls into her body, Orono waited intently for the result. After an intense battle of wills, Viquina extended her hand, and the temple trembled as the statues outside came crashing down. Congratulating her, Orono gave his second granddaughter the knowledge to transfer her essence to a new body and the will to control the dark powers inside her. However before he departed he gave her a warning: in the future she would meet the love of her life, but later in her journey, he would seek to destroy her. With those words he disappeared, leaving Viquina to claim the title of Lady Charybdis and ascend to further power... 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lost in the Void

Now trapped in the void between universes, Orono engaged in a one on seven battle with House Styx. However even he could not fight forever. Since he had exhausted most of his power to enter this realm his form started to decay once again. With his mind still intact, Orono stalked the youngest of his adversaries, Joron Styx. After a day and a half of battle, Joron was cleaved in half by Orono's lightsaber. A great surge came over Orono as he absorbed the souls from his enemy's body, about a billion to be exact. Then over the course of a week, he managed to best the other members of House Styx. This gave him a total of seven billion souls. Making use of this power, he burst from the void into the body of an unsuspecting Jedi Master. The man screamed in pain as his body was taken over. With House Styx destroyed, Orono returned to a joyous welcome by his family...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

War of the Shadow Lords

After Xyrio's ascension to Sith Lord, a new threat emerged to confront House Zoiji. A rival family of immortal Force users from the edge of the galaxy, the members of House Styx had come to conquer the galaxy. A long line of bloody battles occurred with even the soldiers of House Zoiji being felled by the thousands. The war stretched on for eighteen years, with many buried on both sides. The fighting reached its peak on Korriban, the place where Orono began the quest for immortality so long ago. All twelve members of his family had cornered House Styx in an abandoned temple but Orono saw only one option. After ordering his family to retreat, Orono released the energy of all the souls inside him. This caused a series of thirteen explosions which opened a rift into the void itself, consuming all...